Heart Of Photo Fabulous - Android and Memory Management Catching Up

Heart Of Photo Fabulous - Android and Memory Management Catching Up


There have been phases in my life where getting my story documented has been a struggle and the battle was with TIME. Can you relate?? Can I get an AMEN??

It was during those periods when I bought a lot of supplies with plans and ideas. I knew exactly what I was going to do with them, but it never happened. I just couldn’t find the time to sit and get it done.

The supplies piled up. The ideas and the memories faded with time and so did my enthusiasm and nothing was done. The stories were left untold. I felt a little bit like a supply and idea hoarder.

Does this sound familiar? I know, because I have been there too. What changed for me was finding an efficient process that really enabled me to accomplish a lot in a very small amount of time. I was shocked at how much I as able to get done once identified tools and methods that worked WITH me and my busy life.

Technology is pretty amazing and it is changing so FAST right now. It can be so overwhelming for even me and I’m very tech savvy. I’m the daughter of a computer programmer, so this stuff is literally in my genes and I still get overwhelmed by the choices, the processes, how apps and programs work independently let alone together.

  • How can I be sure if my photos are backed up and safe?
  • If I delete something in one place, where else will it be deleted?

After many, many failures and near catastrophic hard drive losses, I decided to move to the cloud for backup. The choices are overwhelming. All of the plans, pricing, options, limits, compression….I avoided figuring it all for YEARS. But, I have tackled this cloud back up monster and I have all of the information you need to make good decisions for yourself. So you can rest easy knowing that you will never lose photos.

In the HEART OF PHOTO FABULOUS - Android course you will learn:

  • Backing up and deleting -Protecting your images with cloud storage options. I will also cover deleting so you can free up space with confidence.
  • The Project Life App Then I will introduce you to the Project Life App and go over all of the basic information about building pages, editing images, changing backgrounds, and organizing completed pages
  • We will set you up for success as you learn ways to find time in your regular day and make the most of it by being efficient in your workflow
  • Adding External Supplies Once you get a couple of pages done you might want to add some additional digital supplies to add variety. I will show you how to do this in the app and out of the app. Where to shop and how to get those supplies on your device to work with
  • Because we all have limited amounts of space on our devices, weather it’s a lot or a little; I will show ways of Conserving Space and being able to work offline by Accessing and Saving Images to External Storage
  • How will you tell your story?? Weekly, Monthly, Events, Getting "Caught Up". This is where I show you processes and tips for documenting in different time increments. I also share my journey of finding the heart of my story and how your can find the heart of your story too.
  • Last, I will show you how to batch export through iCloud Photos for PC and Mac for printing outside of the app

With your purchase of THE HEART OF PHOTO FABULOUS class you get:

  • Access to the course classroom where you will find videos for every lesson that can be accessed on your device, tablet, or computer.
  • Captions option on all videos.
  • Access to downloadable guides that will work on your phone, device or computer to help you be more successful
  • Access to an exclusive Facebook Group where I will be at least 5 days a week to answer questions.
  • All future bonuses and updates for this course.


  • Trello - What Trello is, why I love it for organizing my missionary's memories; and how it works in a web browser, iOS app, and Android app.
  • Things to consider - A few things you will want to decide before you get started, some of the things I tried (that failed) and others that worked out well.
  • High quality images - how to get high quality images onto Trello and how to automate this where possible.
  • All about the Pre-populated Trello boards and lists and how to use them to track your progress- I've created SIXTEEN project boards for catching up!
  • How to use the Trello boards - how to use the boards, lists, cards, labels, and checklists to help you be as efficient as possible.
  • Populating digital photos, emails/letters on boards and lists from emails, computers, iOS and Android.

With your purchase of the MEMORY MANAGEMENT BUNDLE you get:

  • Access to the course classroom where you will find videos for every lesson that can be accessed on your device, tablet, or computer at any time.
  • Captions option on all videos.
  • SIXTEEN populated PROJECT themed Trello boards (physical photos to physical pages; physical photos to app pages; digital photos to physical pages; digital photos to physical pages for each Birth to 18; 18 and up; week by week for a year; month by month for a year)
  • All future bonuses and updates for this course.


Q: Will I need to have Trello Gold or will the free version work?
A: The free version of Trello will work great for everything in this course.

Q: Will this help with my husband's life story?
A: YES! There are different boards for those that are working with physical photos and boards for birth through 18 and then 18 and over.

Q: When does class start?
A: When you buy! You get access to the course right when you purchase and can go through it at your own pace. There are no deadlines.

Q: Is this iOS and Android?
A: YES! Anything done on a device is filmed in both iOS AND Android and provided in the SAME class!

Q: How long will it take me to get through the class?
A: It will take you about an hour to go through all of the lessons.

Q: Do you offer a money back guarantee or a trial?

A: No. Because of the digital nature of this product, we do not offer refunds.

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